le Col de la Faucille

    Friday, June 29, the first really nice weather for about a week. Set of f from Montrez without  a clear idea of where I'd finish the day. 

The first 14km were poussé à pied  [ pushing, on foot ] up a steep climb.
A roadside memorial on the way out of Montrez




A difficult moment.  At Les Rousses, about 10km above Montrez, we had to traverse a tear in the map, rain damage from a few days ago.

    [ a bit tense ]...

Twenty minutes later, safely on the other side.   whew !!    

The trip continues...












  A dozen or so ski resorts near Les Rousses. 
They hibernate in the summer






Another one for the Cows Page






    At about km 20 I had to choose routes. Go down the valley to Mijoux, or continue up the side of the valley to the Col de la Faucille and over into Switzerland.

["col" = "pass"]

I chose the Col. Way below, you can see the road to Mijoux .Even from this height I could hear the cowbells from the valley.

The grade was a bit gentler and I was able to ride up, about 10 more km.







    At the top of the Col
and around the corner..                             
Monsieur Duncan, we've found you an Alpe
And she's a BIG one!!!      








Coming down the east side of the Col,
In the distance, you can see the fountain at Geneva, 20km away, at the south (right) end of the lake.
  The descent was 8km of 7% grade  









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