A Little Bit of Switzerland

  My entry into Switzerland. The tunnel under the Geneva Airport runway.  
  On the lakefront at Geneva.  
    The paddle steamer "Savoy"
A rentable bike for Dad & kid.  I'd like to see how the steering works.
  Dinghy racing is still alive in
  I keep thinking we don't get
enough harp in Victoria.

Busking, Geneva-style.


    The yellow thing is a paraglider,  hundreds of metres above the city.

There were a few dozen of them.
Back in France, after three hours in Suisse. Long climb out of Geneva.  These people crept past me as I was pushing up the hill on foot to another pass ( le Col de Mont Sion) on the way
south to Annecy.
    Leaving Geneva

You can see the fountain near the right of the picture.

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