Poor French power pylons...  they never get a day off !!  They're
worked till they drop, and then they're just left where they fall !!

  A bit of history here.

"L"Arsenal" in Metz, built by the Germans right after they won the town from France in 1870.

Building is still there, but it's derelict ; There are trees growing through the roof




    Idyllic rural scene on the road from Metz to Germany.  Everything in frant's is electric, including the rural vistas.














Here's what has come of all those graveyards:  the border between frant's and germany...

     nothing there now except a sign saying welcome, and another one hidden by bushes, advising about german speed limits,



[ which, as you'll recall, is 'c' on the autobahn ]










    Saarlouis, my first stopover in germany and
hometown of Hans and Liz Kneip. ( Hans is one of the original RJH
Biomeds, now retired)

Saw this picture in the Stadtmusee in Saarlouis
A picture of the town as it would have been in the mid 1700's when the town was french.  A fortressof the same style and vintage as
Canada's Louisburg, and no doubt, named
after the same Louis    [ the fourteenth]

But look at the












"Self-Portrait With Camera"

    taken outside Zweibrucken.





  At last.  The Germans are getting serious about highways!!

A new viaduct under construction east of Hauenstein




II was standing on the sidewalk in Saarbrucken, muttering at my English-German dictionary
"Ich moste  zwei Reifenen für mein Anhänger;...   "
[I'd like two tires for my trailer]                 

when along comes Kevin Chew and draws me a map to the best bikestore in der Pfalz.

Kevin is from Merritt BC and has been living in
Saarbrucken for a few years now, working as a translator of computer documentation.

Go Kevin !!

um. .. that's my pen you've got there Kevin.
my pen...?






    Mid season  maintenance in the Pfalz vinyards . Tiny narrow tractors run up and down between the rows of vines. On the front is an inverted-U shaped hedge trimmer that cuts off straggling branches. Hanging out the back is a mower to keep down the grass between the rows.










      The town square (Grosplaz) in Landau








  In the bar at the hotel in Lingenfeld.

Spent some time with Suzanna (German),
John (Scottish), and James (Yorkshireman).

Talked about pan-european politics and other things.


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