A Rhine barge

Derilict border checkpoint / customs house. No longer needed.

On the Rhine, Tuesday, June 19.   Heading up the Rhine, down the map.      
















I may have mentioned that the signage on the bikeways wasn't always helpful.

Example: I went five kilometres out of my way following a detour sign, worked my way back to the route as shown on the map, and found myself on the wrong side of the "work in progress".  Everyone was just going ahead and riding through.

Other than that, the bikeways are magnificent.

And they do try to keep you going the right direction



    I lent this fellow my patch kit. 





And now a lesson about road signs:

A red border means "don't" whatever
A red bordered circle means "forbidden" but a red bordered triangle means "you are advised not to"

This sign, I encountered near the bank of the Rhine. 
100 metres from the bank of the Rhine.

It says "You are advised against car-diving in the Rhine"





    Serious lawnmowing


















Boats moored in one of the backwater lakes along the riverside      













Baden Baden

A beautiful old spa town.  Lots of 4-star hotels; I passed on that.


















    The realtor's window in Baden Baden.
Castles for sale,   5.6 M€








Thursday June 21. In the rain, Baden Baden to Strasbourg.

Along the Rhine bikeway

Some of Germany's best bud is
grown in this region.








    The Rhienfarhe at Greffern. A free ride from Germany to France.  Takes about 45 seconds.

Notice two flags, one at each end. French & German.












My competition.
I passed him, but he caught up to me later in the day.






Another one for the Trains Page.  This is Strasbourg's LRT. 
In parts of town it glides over beautifully manicured green lawn.  Why not?


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