Metz...   pronounced 'Mess' en français


How to Use a Map to Find Your Way in an Unfamiliar City

Just unfold it and frown at it for half a minute.  Then look up and stare intently at your surroundings. Repeat until friendly locals come to your aid.  If necessary to repeat more than three times add sobbing.  I never had to repeat.  In Metz I had barely spread out my map when these kind people came to my aid, pointed out the Office de Tourisme, the cathedral ( right behind them ) and told me all the things I shouldn't miss before I left town.





















Things I shouldn't miss before I left town....

  Look who's sharing my hotel in Metz!!  A Hummer-full of ...umm??  babes.

They arrived (actually two Hummer-fulls) just as I was
booking in. Four of them are squeezed into the room next to mine.  It doesn't seem fair does it?





Are they novices from the new convent?


It wasn't immediately apparent what was going on...






    ... until this flyer landed on my table. 

Their show is tomorrow night; I'll be in Germany by then.
Maybe I should learn Lithuanian instead of German.

My Goodness !!!  What a wonderful adventure I'm having !


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