The Riviera


The long ride down to the sea.  Grasse far below me.

In the top left corner you can see the Maison d'Arrête [prison] de Grasse.
I thought "What a nice place to do time: the French Riviera !"


Grasse,la Capitale Mondiale des Parfums (perfume capital of the world).

It should be even more famous for its steep streets !!  The Route Napoleon winds down through town on about a dozen hairpin turns .

The white dot on the top of the middle of those three hills is La Maison d'Arrête.






The beach at Cannes.       
  Vélo and Ramorgue at the beach.  

A rather large-ish yacht entering the
harbour at Cannes.

Hey !!  You're in my spot !!

(Did you see that?
That lady seems to have lost
part of her bathing suit)


    Mega-Yacht Row Have a look at that little van


One of Cannes' many four star beachfront hotels.   ¶¶¶¶                                         I liked the rooftop forest.      



Unicycling on the Promenade.

Maybe I'll do that next year.

And pull the trailer.
  Next day I took the long route from Cannes to Nice by touring through Juan des Pins and Cap d'Antibes. 

The Cap is known for some of its famous past residents...  Picasso, Noel Coward, Graham Greene, and all sorts of deposed monarchs.
Beautiful clear water in the early morning
There aren't many hotels on the Cap. It's mostly private villas ... could call them 'palaces'.





Sign at the parking lot of a marina at Cap d'Antibes. 

   [Remorgues Prohibitted]


I guess that means us.



The town of Antibes was once a colonial posession of Venice(!). Some of the fortifications date from that period.

It's now home of the Picasso Museum




A bit further along the beach towards Nice, a huge marina/condo development. Three large apartment buildings wrap themselves around the yacht harbour. Successive floors are stepped back so there are garden terraces on the ends of each floor.








Ah, the beach at Nice !!

On the Promenade des Anglais, so named because of the crowd of wealthy English who used to winter here in the nineteenth century.

The beach is limestone pebbles, which get ground by the surf so that the water near the beach is a dazzling milky azure.


This one's for my dotter, Liz..

Carriage tours in Nice.
    (Liz drives carriages in Victoria)


At the Musee d'Art Moderne et d'Art Contemporain

Installation art by Michelangelo Pistoletto. Mirrors with paintings of curious onlookers and a TV cameraman.

And bwilsonduncan.

And his camera.



  The Niçoise approach to the urban freeway: put it in a viaduct five storeys above street level.  Below it, two storeys above the street, is the railway.  

  I'd like to have been able to show you a picture of Nice's tramway.  I know you like trains as much as I do.

Unfortunately you'll have to wait. Maybe for years.

My hotelier rolled his eyes and said it had already been four years since they started digging.  There are deep holes in the street that have filled up with plastic bottles and newspapers and have several years of weeds growing in them.

The tramway website promises it will be worth the wait though.






The môle [breakwater] at the harbour. The yellow ship is the ferry to Corsica and Sardinia.      
One of the interesting things a fellow can do while visiting Nice is...  



  At the Gare de Nice, Friday July 13, ready to board the TGV (Train de Grande Vitesse) [High Speed Train] to Lille, then transfer to the Eurostar,  through the Chunnel to London  

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