The Juras

    On the road from Maiche to Pontarlier on the Jura plateau.  The cliffs overhang the roadside inn.
One of the claims of the Jura region:
       "Le Pays des Horlogiers"

        "Land of Clockmakers"






    What are you staring at? Around here we all wear bells. ...and nose rings.

You can here the cows all through the valley.








    The river Doubs. The water is very high after days of rain.








    One of the most civilized features of french society.
Dogs in restaurants

This one's in Champagnole.





    Dining room at Timinot Hotel, Champagnole.

I stayed in a 35€ hotel, so I treated myself for supper.







Roadside fishing in the Col de la Savine
between Champagnole and Morez.


"Col" = "Pass"








On the road through the Col de la Savine.

What is it?

  A lavorie... village wash house. No longer used, I should think.

The big cast iron tub is filled in the highest section, which drains down into two lower sections.





  Top of the Col de la Savine.  







  Descent into Morez.
The railroad runs above town, not through it.

L'Avenue de la Republique in Morez. Morez is at the bottom of a gorge.

Two streets, railroad and river pretty well fill it up.

    L'Hotel de la Poste, right next to the River Bienne








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