Annecy, Aix-les-Bains, Chambery & Grenoble

  The two bridges at les Ponts de Caille, north of Annecy. One from the early 1900's, the other less than 10 years ld.

This is where I discovered acrophobia.

ac·ro·pho·bi·a(akro-fobea-) n.
An abnormal fear of high places.


acro·phobe n.
acro·phobic (-fbk) adj. & n.






  Did you know that if you stand too close to a railing on a bridge that's 400ft from the bottom of a ravine, YOU CAN BE SUCKED RIGHT OVER THE SIDE !!!!  
  I did pull myself together though, and took this picture from right a the rail.

A little old lady lives in this house at the end of the bridge and sells souvenirs.











    The lakefront park at Annecy






  An interesting weir at Annecy; its edge is fluted, which seems to make the water pour over the edge silently... no turbulence. Also, the height of the weir is adjustable
( see the mechanism at the left side)






    Four ladies doing watercolours. The walkway was very narrow and all the cafes had tables and chairs out front.  Bike and trailer weren't very well received.

  A very busy restored medeival district, a Little Venice.    












The Casino at

Like Baden Baden, it's a town that was built on the aristocratic gambler.





  The lakefront at Aix-les-Bains.  Very peculiar.  The town is only ~400 metres from the lake, but it seems to ignore it completely. No lakeside villas, just a few beaches, and a marina.  Everyone's too wrapped up in the gambling, I guess.  






In Chambery we celebrated
our 2000th kilometre
by the fountain in the park.





  South of Chambery, ( actually, between Apremont and Ranjou... I don't think you can Google those names)   heading for ...

I thought we were heading for a place called Pontcharray, which would have made a nice 50km day.  But we had to ride another 40km before there was a hotel.  That was in the northern outskirts of Grenoble.  I was worn out !!




  A little bit of line work.  Look at the guy hanging there way up at the top.  North of Grenoble.  The rain had let up for a while.  






    A funicular railway going up the mountainside and through a tunnel. 
Between Pontcharray and Grenoble.

Nearby, a waterfall
dropping out of a
hanging valley.




















  Train                                          Grenoble  

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