Back in London

The Houses of Parliament

Security is a serious business



  On the Strand, a building guarded by two figures, each holding a caduceus

A hospital?  

The home of the
British Medical Society?

You get one more guess.



St. Clement's Danes

Two double decker busses hired for the wedding guests



Will one of you please give me a little boost over this fence?
  I was informed later that this building is the headquarters of MI5. 
Yes, that MI5 !! 
There are no signs on the outside. They don't want visitors.





The Imperial War Museum.
I spent two days here and only saw half of the exhibits..

On the lawn in front of the main entrance, 15-inch guns from WWI- era battleships. The one on the left is from HMS Ramilles and on the right, from the HMS Resolution.      
  The building was formerly
the Royal Bethlehem Hospital, a.k.a. 'Bedlam',
a 'mental health facility' founded in the 1200's..


The M5 , the first successful tank, used in France in late WWI. It was partly responsible for breaking the stalemate of the war of the trenches that had been going on for three years.      
A (non-working) replica of Lttleboy, the bomb that was dropped on Nagaski in 1945.  









  Spitfire and Focke-Wulf 190, WWII fighters. These are actual airplanes, not replicas.



  The Home Front




Muggles !!! Hundredsof them.     Waiting outside Waterstone's bookstore on Picadilly Road two whole days before the last Harry Potter book went on sale.

Waterstone's has got to be one of the world's best bookstores — six floors of books.








Somebody important going shopping?  

A couple of Palace Jags heading up Picadilly.












A video snoopmobile. Note the camera on the periscope.

It's looking for cars that haven't paid their London Congestion Fee.














July 17 I went out to Plaistow in east London to visit my cousins Anna and Kambiz.

Note the red eyes. I can't explain Anna's, but mine are red because I had been crying all day about my holidays being too short.

Only 55 days. No justice for the working man!








Covent Garden      

A complimentary performance given to honor or express love for someone."

At Covent Garden, an embarassed young lady being serenaded by a busker, a student baritone from the nearby opera school.































The Mall, evening of July 19. Buckingham Palace in the distance. 
The whole Mall has been closed for filming of a movie.  By nine next morning everything was back to normal.








  On Charing Cross Road, an all-electric two seater.

Click here














The 1960 Nissan Figaro is pretty nice too, don't you think?  This one, in immaculate condition, was parked outside the B&B where I stayed near Victoria Station.




















Just one more car picture...      







Signs of the Apocalypse:


London Bobbies driving BMW's










...and one more "alternate modes of transportation" picture...    
The most ecologically sound form of urban transport is :  â





An eyecatching billboard on... let me see..I think it might have been on Blackfriars Road.                     


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